Hi, I’m Tru Powell

I was born in Birmingham, UK and grew up in a single parent household. I learnt at a very early age I had a passion for entrepreneurship, creative arts and events.

I have a passion for supporting creative entrepreneurs to build and monetise their businesses through the offer of online courses. I use my personal experiences in business alongside my knowledge and expertise to create engaging online courses to really help entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their businesses. Over the years I have received many accolades for my work in business including winning Birmingham Young Professional of the Year, Future Face of Entrepreneurship form Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and a Great British Entrepreneur Award from Natwest.

Alongside my online courses I have founded and ran many successful businesses including an event management company and the UK’s first ever children’s pampering salon, Kandy Girl. Lastly, I am the Creative Director for Aston Performing Arts Academy, a organisation that exists to empower young people through creative arts.